Jim Beam Maine (Formerly White Rock Distilleries)

Client Since: 2009

Client Type: World’s #1 Kentucky bourbon distiller with a capacity in excess of 5 million cases at their Lewiston, Maine facility

Project: Deployment of an extensive video surveillance and recording system consisting of almost 50 cameras located in the office, production and warehouse areas of the property.


  • Upgraded an existing legacy video system of about a dozen fixed cameras- some of which had not functioned for some time- by installing an array of new, hybrid network-connected digital video recorders (DVR). The new DVRs are connected to the company’s computer network, making live and recorded video available on the computer desktops of key company managers. Their hybrid capability allowed the existing analog cameras to be reused, saving money, while allowing the future installation of network cameras, which offer better picture resolution and can be physically located anywhere in the world and still be viewed as if they are located in the next room.
  • Replaced many of the fixed cameras with pan/tilt/zoom cameras that can be remotely controlled from company managers’ desktops using nothing but a computer mouse. The abilities of these cameras to replace countless fixed cameras saved thousands of dollars in installation costs while also reducing the disruption to the companies’ production by avoiding the need to shut down production to pull additional wiring through these areas.
  • The hybrid capability of the new network Digital Video Recorders allowed cameras to be installed in a physically-remote warehouse building that the company maintains. The company had concerns about product shrinkage from the warehouse but because the building is not part of the main office/production building, the challenge was how to get video from this location over to the main building. The hybrid capability of the new DVRs made it easy- the warehouse in now equipped with high resolution cameras that watch over key areas. They are connected to the main video system using nothing more than the existing company computer network. The warehouse is even equipped with pan/tilt/zoom cameras that are controlled from the main building using nothing but a network cable run to the camera!

The scope of services performed for Jim Beam demonstrates Building Controls LLC experience with today's CCTV technology and network-connected cameras. It shows the broad range of services that Building Controls LLC provides while taking into account Jim Beam's unique requirements and needs. Jim Beam Maine has saved thousands of dollars against budget due to actions that were taken based on Building Controls LLC recommendations.