What We Do

Building Controls LLC is a professional low-voltage contractor providing electronic security systems to residential, small and mid-size commercial, industrial and health-care customers. Our focus is to be a complete provider of the systems and services required by these customers to maintain and improve personal and property security.  We provide and install the security systems and services that you might typically think of, such as electronic intrusion alarm systems, building fire alarm systems and camera surveillance systems.

However, we also provide solutions for many other security-related challenges, such as electronically-controlled door access control using keypads or proximity readers,  apartment and office intercom/telephone entry systems, nurse call systems and environmental monitoring such as temperature or humidity.  Our ability to supply all of your electronic security needs means you can now deal with one company for all of these systems without the need for one company for intrusion, another for fire alarm and yet another for the access control system. Our goal is to be your partner in providing a solution that works, without the problems that arise when dealing with multiple vendors. Because today's systems are often tied to each other in some manner, this approach makes sense and makes security a complete solution that simplifies, not complicates.