I already have an alarm system- can you service it?

Yes, in most cases. We can service many of the most common brands of equipment. There are some manufacturers of equipment that choose to limit the availability of parts and system documentation only to a selected group of dealers, such as Simplex and Notifier. This forces customers to use only the company in their area that the manufacturer of the system has decided to support. Building Controls feels that this is not in the best interest of you, the customer. We install equipment that is not proprietary because we feel that the best way to keep customers is with outstanding service, not by holding them hostage by forcing them to continue to use a certain provider.

Technology changes fast in the security field- in many cases, if the equipment is more that a few years old, the main components of a proprietary system- such as the control panel and any keypads- can be updated with new equipment at very reasonable cost while the detection devices, such as door switches and motion detectors, can remain in service.