What is monitoring?

Monitoring is where the alarm system sends information about what is happening to a remote site where trained people respond to the information received. For example, a home security system might have a  sensor send a signal that the temperature in the home has fallen below a preset threshold. When this signal is received by the monitoring station, the operator will take actions that are set up ahead of time- a set of instructions that you have told them to follow, such as notifying you at a work or cell phone number. You can have a list of trusted friends, neighbors or employees that receive these notifications if you wish.

Monitoring is not limited to alarm signals. You may want to know when employees open and close your store or business. A business owner may find it helpful to recieve a periodic report of when employees are opening and closing the business. Perhaps you would like to know when a child gets home from school, or if the humidity in an area is excessive. Water leaks, valve position, high or low temperature, smoke and fire, Carbon Monoxide levels, deliveries, air or water pressure- all of these conditions and more can be monitored and reported to you or someone you trust.